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Find Your Way Through GPS

October 7th, 2010 luboff33

How often have you found yourselves marooned in a new place unable to proceed to the destination with no one to guide you? The Global positioning system in car navigation would be the best way to take you forward. The GPS system helps you in suggesting alternative routes if one is caught in traffic. The Global positioning system http://gps-ratings.org/ in car navigation will help in planning the route, and through the voice system announce street turns and also displays the routes. For frequent travelers, while on trips abroad on work or leisure, these systems are handy to decode the routes. These systems are now available for walkers and bicyclists too.

GPS enables us to find other interesting information other than the routes: Restaurants, ATMs, Gas stations, Tourist hotspots. The system can be searched for all information on any particular location.  Today the consumer is pampered with variety of services that could be received at a price: real time reports like that of traffic congestion, accidents, road construction and weather report.  The other extra features including Bluetooth phone compatibility that enables calling the number displayed on the GPS system, FM transmitter, MP3 player and iPod connection that will enthuse the geeks. GPS today can be part of your cell-phones, PDAs and smart phones. GPS receivers can be part of your computer. One handy aid for hikers is the hand held GPS hiking device which can include map and compass.

Using GPS systems while travelling across continents, it is important to check local laws. Not all brands work across farfetched places. Top level models of Garmin, TomTom helps in these cases. All portable GPS systems accompany a rechargeable battery. If one intends to use multimedia features or while walking, care should be taken to choose those that operate for longer hours. While choosing a portable unit it is handy to select an appropriate unit. The screen size should be large enough to decipher the letters. A 4.3 inch diagonal is an ideal choice, since working on the touch-screen buttons are easier.

The GPS navigator system has to assess depending on the usage, speed and the different features available. One is often confused to choose from the different options available. The GPS ratings are there to guide you. The GPS ratings gauge each of the different manufacturers by testing them meticulously for hours on their labs and on road. These ratings enlist detailed reviews of different models along with their strengths and weakness. GPS ratings are dynamic and offer latest information of products. GPS ratings also help in getting information about accessories. GPS ratings also offer buying advice and available discounts.GPS ratings through their 24×7 portal service offers latest information on new products in the pipeline.

http://gps-ratings.org for GPS ratings have identified the brands of Garmin, Magellan, TomTom, Mio and Nextar as consistent performers in this field. The most reliable units are produced by Garmin who have consistently topped the listing. If you have made your decision to buy, check GPS ratings before investing in the right unit.

Written by Tariq Ghazi

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